Where to Find the Best Lobster Rolls in Hoboken

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Lobster Roll on Hot Dog Bun

Lobster rolls are having a moment right now in the food trend world. If you find yourself craving this seafood creation, there are several places that serve up a delicious lobster roll in Hoboken.

lukes lobster roll claw meat

1) Luke’s Lobster Truck @ Pier 13

Lobster Roll w/ Soda, Chips & Pickle – $18

Luke’s Lobster truck parks at Pier 13 in Hoboken on a weekly basis. While the days tend to vary, check their Nautimobile site, which posts their food truck lineup for the week or follow Luke’s Lobster Truck on twitter for daily updates. These lobster rolls are very popular, and for good reason too. They use large, pieces of claw meat in their rolls which are lightly seasoned with butter and celery salt. Often times, the lobster meat is chopped up and more chicken-salad-like. We prefer the big, meaty pieces and Luke’s Lobster Truck hits a home run in this department. Served on a piping hot, buttered hot dog bun, we bet you’ll eat every bite!

UPDATE: Luke’s Lobster has opened a permanent shop in Hoboken!

elysian lobster roll 2) Elysian Cafe

Lobster Roll w/ Pommes Frites & Arugala – $22.75

Elysian Cafe serves up a classic lobster roll. Their lobster roll comes with a heaping portion of shredded lobster with mayo on a hot dog bun along with a side of pommes frites and arugala salad. If you’re not big on mayo, then this might not be the right lobster roll for you, but overall it’s a crowd pleaser and you definitely won’t leave hungry!


biggies clam bar lobster bun

3) Biggies Clam Bar

Lobster Roll w/ Waffle Fries  – $16.75

The Newark Street location, serves up lobster rolls with a healthy side of waffle fries. Don’t try to order one at their Madison Street location, you won’t have any luck. The Biggie’s Clam Bar lobster roll, is served with diced vegetables, lobster meat and mayonnaise on a round potato roll, rather than the traditional hot dog like bun. Is it a lobster roll or a “lobster salad” on a bun? You decide!


Bonus: Lobsterfest @ Court Street

Whole Lobster w/ Potatoes & Soup or Salad – $20.95

While they don’t serve any lobster rolls, if you’re having a major lobster craving, you can’t miss Lobsterfest at Court Street. In fact for just $20.95, you can probably make yourself 2 lobster rolls if you get creative with the bread basket and some melted butter! Held every Wednesday night throughout the year, and on Saturdays through Labor Day, enjoy a 1 1/4 pound Maine lobster with soup or salad, and a side of potatoes with roasted vegetables. Now that’s a great deal!

What’s your favorite lobster roll spot?

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