Hoboken St Patrick’s Day
–> Free Wrist Bands!

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st patricks dayHoboken St Patrick’s Day is one of the craziest days in the Hoboken bar scene, taking place on the first saturday in March (3/5).

With the event being so popular, it can be difficult to figure out which bars you can get in (without waiting for hours in line), how much the cover charge is and what the drink specials are. Many bars charge expensive entrance fees upwards of $20.


Giving Away 50 St Patrick’s Day Wristbands!

50 lucky readers will get a FREE “All Access Pass Wristband” for Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day which will get you discounted entry fees to over 15 Hoboken bars, a map that includes all the bar specials for the day and some green swag. To be clear, it’s DISCOUNTED entry fees, but this can really add up throughout the day and you won’t get suckered into paying a $25 cover only to discover that the drinks are $10/pop once you’re inside. So grab your wristband quickly!

To get a wristband click here and enter the code HOBBEST16. 

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