Pool Party? Don’t Bring Chips! Relax in Style with the Best Pool Floats

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With the humidity high, and the sun blazing, nothing sounds better than a day relaxing by the pool or a trip to the beach. While there aren’t that many pools in Hoboken, there are a few complexes with rooftop pools (make friends there!) and the beach is only an hour drive away. Rather than bringing a bag of chips to your next pool party, check out these ridiculously fun pool floats that will pack some extra fun the next time you take a swim.

1) The Donut Pool Float

The only thing better than eating a doughnut is floating around in one. In fact, this pool float has popped up in a bunch of magazine photoshoots like this one.

Donut Pool Float with Sprinkles


2) Inflatable Beer Pong Table

Let’s see how your beer pong skills translate, when the cups are floating on water! This floating beer pong table, is extra sturdy, with deep insets to hold the red solo cups. When it’s inflated the beer pong table measures at 72″ x 36″ x 6″ and is made of a thick vinyl. It even has extra cup holders on the side, so that on-lookers can enjoy a beer as well.

White Inflatable Beer Pong Table


3) Alligator Pool Float with Built-In Cooler & Cup Holders

This gator float holds up to 20 beer cans PLUS ice! They thought of everything even including 4 built-in cup holders and grommets so that you can tie up the alligator so that your booze doesn’t float away. This float is perfect for lake trips and tubing, where you need a portable cooler.

Gator Float with Cooler

4) Ice Cream Sandwich Float

Take a bit out of this ice cream sandwich float! This inflatable toy is made out of durable vinyl and is over 6 feet long once fully blown up. So anyone who’s tall or just enjoys a little extra leg room will enjoy this pool toy. Get more details here!

Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float

5) Swan Pool Float

Want a pool float that can hold 2-3 people at a time? Then look no further than the giant swan float! This beast is over 76 inches long from tail to beak. An electric air pump is highly recommended.

Party Swan Float


5) Couples Pool Float

For those looking to get away for a couples weekend, look no further than this double mattress pool float. It’s so comfortable, you just might fall asleep, so make sure to put on some sunscreen.

Couples Pool Floats


What do you usually bring to a pool party?

Sub the chips and dip for for something more unique!

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