3 Super Easy Champagne Cocktails
for New Year’s Eve

Rasberry Champagne Cocktail

These DIY champagne cocktails are so easy… can you really call it a cocktail? As you rush to get ready for New Year’s Eve, nothing is better than a simple party trick. Sure you can have plain champagne or just throw in some OJ but let’s leave the mimosas for brunch!

1) Champagne with Raspberries and Basil

This is pretty self-explanatory. Pick up some raspberries and fresh basil for a crazy easy cocktail that will impress your guests. Just picking up 2 extra items at the grocery store can make your evening extra fancy for the NYE occasion. While raspberries may be out of season right now, the convenience store right by Carlo’s Bakery always has amazing prices on berries. Make a pit stop there on your way to or from the path station for an affordable upgrade.

2) Spicy Ginger Champagne Cocktail

Ginger isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but those that like ginger drinks tend to be fanatical about them. To make a ginger simple syrup, you’ll need these 3 ingredients listed below. Add all of the ingredients to a pot and wait for it to start boiling. Once it’s boiling reduce the heat to a simmer, and about 15 minutes later you should notice a thicker consistency similar to syrup. Then turn off the stove and use a strainer to remove the ginger pieces from the simple syrup. Place the ginger simple syrup into a bottle so that your guests can add a splash as needed!

  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1/2 Cup Chopped Fresh Ginger

3) Elderflower Champagne Cocktail

Elderflower is a small white flower, that adds a fruit like taste similar to lychee or pear to cocktails, and is a wonderful addition to Champagne. Try spiking your champagne with St Germain, an Elderflower liquor, for an extra punch and unique flavor notes.  If you feel like going the extra mile, create a cocktail bar filled with lemons, cucumber, mint and/or pomegranate seeds for guests to garnish their drink as desired.

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