Glasses of white sangriaSangria is definitely one of those drinks that varies from place to place. Sometimes, it’s incredible and other times, it tastes like watered down cheap wine. Want to know the best way to have an amazing sangria? It’s those 4 amazing letters, B-Y-O-B. With BYOB sangria, not only do you get to keep a few extra bucks, but you can choose a wine that you know you’ll like.  These 3 restaurants are BYOB and offer up delicious pitchers of sangria:

1) Zafra

A small, cozy Cuban restaurant in Hoboken, Zafra’s sangria is chock full of exotic fruits. You’ll be trying to figure out which fruit tastes so amazing, with each sip.  Served in a large, ice cold pitcher, choose from white or red sangria, depending on your wine selection. $10/pitcher.

301 Willow Avenue | 201-610-9801

2) Charritos

With both a downtown and uptown location along Washington Street, Churritos offers pitchers of red or white Sangria. If Tequila is more your style, they also offer Margarita pitchers. $9/pitcher.

DOWNTOWN: 121 Washington St | 201-418-8600                      UPTOWN: 1024 Washington St | 201-418-8600


3) Sabores

Fruity, light and refreshing, Los Sabores makes a mean sangria that pairs well with spicy mexican food.  Nestle into the hot-pink restaurant and enjoy sips of Sangria and delicious food along Washington Street. $10/pitcher.

518 Washington St | 201-942-9944

BONUS: All 3 of these locations offer outdoor seating, so you can guzzle sangria while people watching. To view all of Hoboken’s BYOB options, click here.

Red Wine Sangria

How to Select the Right Wine for Sangria

When choosing a bottle of wine for sangria, don’t stress about selecting the perfect bottle.  Try not to spend more than $10, because the wine is going to be mixed together with various fruits, which provides a lot of the overall flavours. Essentially, the fruits will take over the wine. The general idea is to find a medium bodied wine with flavors that you will enjoy. Below are some recommendations for red and white wine, that are perfect for sangria and price-wise right on point.

PRO TIP: Referring to the “body” of the wine describes the general thickness or weight of the wine. Think of medium bodied wines, as having a similar consistency to 2% milk and light bodied wines being more like skim milk.

Red Wine Suggestions

Otonal Rioja – $9.99

Otonal Rioja is a spanish wine, that provides a great base for red sangria.  It’s medium bodied with hints of dark plum cherries and roasted vanilla. Rioja’s are a popular choice for red sangria.

Mark West Pinot Noir – $9.99

Aged in oak, this Pinot Noir is medium bodied with infusions of raspberries, strawberries, cherries and plums.  This wine was made from California grapes and is silky smooth on the palette.

White Wine Suggestions

Borsao White – $7.99

This medium bodied white wine is filled with tropical fruit infusions including hints of peach and apricot. At only $7.99 you can’t go wrong!

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc – $10.99

This sauvignon blanc is a New Zealand white wine, filled with tropical fruit flavors and the gooseberry fruit. A gooseberry is small green fruit around the size of a blueberry that gives this wine unique twist.

PRO TIP: To add an extra sumthin sumthin to your drink, Triple Sec or Rum are often included in white sangria recipes.

Which sangria do you usually order? White or Red?