BYOB Sushi Restaurant in Hoboken

One of the best things about Hoboken besides its general charm and stunning views, is the amount of BYOB restaurants – without corkage fees. Seeing those amazing 4 letters B-Y-O-B can brighten any day. For all of the sushi fanatics out there, we’ve put together the most comprehensive guide to-date of Hoboken’s BYOB sushi spots.

1) Robongi

Robongi is staple sushi restaurant in Hoboken with kitschy nautical decor, and outdoor seating along Washington Street.  The food is always fresh and their service is quick and efficient.

Specialty Roll That Caught Our Eye…
The Sex on the Beach Roll – It has king crab and shrimp tempura inside, topped with spicy tuna, eel sauce and black tobiko on the outside. Yummm.

520 Washington St | 201-222-8388

2) Ayame

Practically next door to Robongi is Ayame, a go-to sushi and hibachi spot. They have an endless selection of specialty rolls and outdoor seating is available, so enjoy the sunshine while sipping away. They also have pictures on their menu, which will make you 5x hungrier while ordering. Beware!

Specialty Roll That Caught Our Eye…
The American Dream Roll – It has salmon, avocado and cucumber, topped off with a heaping of spicy crab.

526 Washington Street | 201-222-8148

3) Illuzion

Illuzion is a sushi restaurant on Washington Street with a modern design and unique specialty rolls that are hearty and filling. The rolls are a bit pricier than other locations, but they get fresh fish shipped daily from the Tokyo Tsukji Market. That’s a long journey!

Specialty Roll That Caught Our Eye…
The Spicy Bad Girl Roll – There is spicy salmon, yellowtail and tuna inside the roll, topped with shrimp, avocados, jalapenos and tobiko.

337 Washington St | 201-418-8833

4) Yueng II

Yueng II serves a rare combination of sushi, thai, and chinese food. The eclectic menu has everything from general tsao’s chicken to grilled spare ribs and a full, traditional sushi menu. It’s the only sushi restaurant uptown that’s BYOB.

Specialty Roll That Caught Our Eye…
Sushi Pizza – That’s right, it’s not a roll, but a “pizza”. It comes with spicy tuna, avocado and fish eggs with pancakes. This will either be epicly good or bad.

1120 Washington St | 201-420-7197

5) Sushi House

The Sushi House is your all-around basic sushi restaurant. Their service is hit or miss, but visitors still end up getting addicted to their specialty rolls. The Sushi House is conveniently located downtown, on 1st street.

Specialty Roll That Caught Our Eye…
The Madame Butterfly Roll – Eel and avocado wrapped in shrimp tempura and topped with kabayaki sauce and red tobiko.

55 1st Street | 201-656-7788

6) Ubu

Ubu is a small Korean and Japanese Fusion restaurant tucked away between 2nd and 3rd on Hudson.  They have outdoor seating, all of the sushi options you’ll ever need plus some unique Korean dishes.

Specialty Roll That Caught Our Eye…
The Spider Roll – This roll is made of soft shell crab, crab, avocado, cucumber, mayo and sweet sauce.

205 Hudson St | 201-222-2800


Honorable Non-BYOB Sushi Mentions


Teak – ½ Price Mondays & Thursdays

While Teak isn’t BYOB, all of their food and drinks are half-priced on Mondays and Thursdays for Customer Appreciation Day. While the half price discount on amazing dishes, is reason enough for us, they also have a massive aquarium lining the back of the bar which is worth checking out and stunning decor.

6 Hudson Place | 201-653-6888

Sushi Lounge – ½ Price Happy Hour

The Sushi Lounge menu is half price from Monday to Thursday during their Sushi Happy Hour from 3-6:30pm . A fusion cuisine, Sushi Lounge has some really incredible specialty rolls and appetizers. They also have an excellent promo, Sake & Sangria Sundays! Enjoy half price on red or white sangria by the glass or pitcher and half price on hot sake by the carafe.

200 Hudson St | 201-386-1117

Las Olas – Sushi & Margaritas!

Located uptown, Las Olas doesn’t offer any special menu deals, but the ability to order guacamole and margaritas with amazing specialty rolls is worth a mention.  It’s like they read our minds. Get there early to take advantage of happy hour which goes from 4-8pm and offers $3 drafts, $4 well drinks and $5 glasses of wine.

1319 Washington St | 201-222-9991